Housuissa on reisitaskut molemmin puolin ja oikean taskun yläpuolella HoH logo merkki. Vyötärön nauhat ovat vaaleanpunaiset.

Kuori: 100% Polyesteria

Vuori: 100 % Nylonia

S.I.D vest has been one of the best selling style during the autumn and winter. Now our innovative S.I.D collection is growing!

This shell pants are not only comfortable, stylish and great to look at, but it also has an important safety feature which everybody can benefit in the dark and cold seasons of the year. Our pants which appears to be silver is fully reflective and will make you visible in the dark when being illuminated in the road traffic. It can especially be advantageous when going for trail rides during dusk or dawn. The pants has cargo pockets and HoH logo patch is located in the above the right pocket. Bottom part is black and waistbands are pink.

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