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  • For horses undergoing regular or intense activity; brings horses to their maximum physiological potential.
  • Supports optimum muscle development.
  • Keeps the horses fresh and fit, even after sports events.
  • Maintains good general condition.
  • Improves the coat- and hoof-condition.
  • ioavailability as well as the efficiency have been tested several times. A significant increase of vitamins in the blood system can be observed after three weeks use of TWYDIL® RACING. The maximum effect is achieved after 6 weeks.


    14 vitamins, 7 trace elements, 4 amino acids and magnesium
    This composition allows the supply to be adapted to the requirements of each horse taking into consideration their feeding and work load.


  • Product Name:TWYDIL® RACING 3kg
  • By Twydil
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